Research and Development

Astec is a technology driven organization with core competence in area of

  • Process research
  • Process development
  • Analytical development
  • Process engineering

Over last several years we have developed complex chemistries in our laboratory and successfully transferred to manufacturing through dedicated, highly qualified and experienced team of Chemists and Engineers.

Products developed in the laboratory are scaled-up in our pilot plant and learnings are captured before introduction in the manufacturing. We also ensure detailed chemical reaction hazards and fire and explosion hazards are duly addressed for every product through systematic process risk systems.

At Astec, we also believe in collaborating with global customers to develop newer technologies for the introduction and supply of new products in a shortest duration of time. Various stages where we work closely with our customers for contract manufacturing through progress reports, online meetings and teleconferences includes

  • Route selection
  • Process research and process development
  • Analytical method development, identification and synthesis of impurities
  • Submission of samples for qualification
  • Scale up of the products in pilot plant
  • Generation of Kilo quantity samples for 5 batch analysis
  • Process safety and waste treatment data
  • Design of plant for commercialization
  • Batch planningand execution in commercial manufacturing
  • Product delivery to customers in required packaging

We have a dedicated team for continuous improvement of processes to manage lifecycle of the products for cost efficiency. We also focus on cleaner production technologies with higher yields and minimum waste generation supporting principles of wastereduction, recycle and reuse to demonstrate our commitment to "Good and Green".

Our R&D centre is fully equipped to synthesize multi-step products from milligram to kilogram scale. All the analytical infrastructure is also available to support analytical method development, impurity isolation and characterization. Our team in pilot plant ensures supply of products toour customers in Kilo quantities for toxicity studies and GLP batches.

Our pilot plant facility include reactors of various MOCs and ranging volumes from 63 lit to 1000 lit along with 50 lit pressure reactor which allows us to study all the processes in depth . This facility also includes centrifuges, ANFDs, driers and distillation set-ups with varied packing and theoretical platesalong with WFE to study engineering details for commercialization of products.

Our team of process engineers consolidate learnings from pilot study and ensures its incorporation during basic and detailed engineering design of the plant. Technology transfer team also ensures smooth start-up of commercial production with on-site support to achieve targeted quality, yield and cycle-time in shortest possible time.

To further expand our capabilities and to meet customer demands, we are building new "state of art" R&D centre with more than 100 scientists and engineers