Astec has received the ICC Award for best practices in safety and health for the year 2018


We Take Care

As a conscientious corporate citizen, Astec considers the environment an inherited legacy, its protection a sacred responsibility and this importance is promoted as a culture across our organization.

To fulfil its responsibilities towards the preservation of the environment, all its manufacturing activities conform to statutory Pollution Control Standards. Primary, secondary and tertiary treatment is carried out in house to meet the standards of the local pollution control board.

Management has spelt out in clear terms it’s environment and safety policy which elaborates how it expects its people to work safely and to avoid causing any negative effects on the environment or its neighbours.

Astec management has implemented all guiding principles given under "Responsible Care" which resulted in allotment of RC Logo.


EHS Philosophy

  • To build a safe work environment
  • To reduce adverse impact on environment and human life through continuous technological improvement
  • To comply with all EHS compliances
  • To develop and implement a clear EHS policy which elaborates on expectation from all its employees and partners

EHS Objectives

  • All our manufacturing and R&D sites are ISO 9001; 14001 and 45001 certified
  • A detailed continuous and regular risk assessment starting from the product design phase is carried out which is followed with implementing the necessary protection to reduce the risk
  • Have implemented a proper management of Change process.
  • A team of well-trained personnel with latest fire-fighting systems etc to handle any emergency situation.
  • EHS department ensures that the work permit and other standard safety procedure is being strictly adhered to in our factory premises.
  • We ensure that all near misses incidences are reported, investigated and closed and brought to the notice to the higher management.
  • We have implemented a system of regular inspection and audit by cross function corporate and local teams, leading internationally acclaimed audit agencies /our partners and any swift closure of any areas of improvement pointed by the audit.
  • All our employees and contract workers are exposed to detailed and regular safety trailing covering the aspect of material handling, plant operation and emergency response. We also continuously strive to increase awareness among employees and surrounding public on emergency handling and conduct mock-drills on various emergency scenarios to keep ourselves prepared
  • Continuously striving to reduce raw material consumption, reducing water consumption, specific energy and generation and emission of waste.

Systems at Site

  • Round the clock operation of Occupational Health Centre by qualified staff with ambulance.
  • All Manufacturing sites have multiple effect evaporators for high TDS streams.
  • Site having well established activated sludge process to treat the trade effluent.
  • Multiple stage scrubbing systems are at all manufacturing sites.
  • Detectors and alarms for leaks, heat, fire and smoke, toxic gases and flammable gases.
  • All sites having dedicated Fire hydrant system with adequate water reservoirs.
  • Dedicated Sprinkler systems for all plant and flammable material storages.